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Recent Updates


NOTICE:  Rather than make anyone wait longer than 12 months for a cue, I will not be accepting orders for NEW cues until I get caught up.  I will still be doing maintenance & repairs on most cues.  Sorry for any inconvenience.          2/1/14 


Some NEW VIDEOS have been added recently

Some pics from Derby City    2/25/14

Information on G-shafts added    1/30/14

A program created by Kelly Peterson (MVP Cues) makes it easy to update a customer on progress with his cue.  THIS LINK shows a typical page that a customer might see.  We started late in his build so there are no early progress pics but I like this idea a lot.       12/20/13

A new page showing a cracked ivory ferrule repair    10/3/13

A few pics from the 2013 VNEA PA State 8-Ball Championships    3/10/13

An addition to the A-joint page    11/19/12

A few new videos    10/16/12

JP blanks for sale.  Cheap.    9/8/12