2006 Mustang GT

The first thing I did was tweak the suspension with Eibach springs and Tokico D-spec adjustable shocks.  A Hurst shifter made rowing through the gears more fun.  In 2011, I upgraded that to a Barton shifter for increased firmness.  A JLT Cold Air kit boosted the power a little and a set of CHS lower control arms tightened up the rear suspension. 

After a few years, I wanted more oomph from the 4.6 so I added a Roush M90 supercharger.  This made a noticeable difference yet was perfectly streetable while, remarkably, not hurting my gas mileage.  I was happy with this for a few years until I got a ride in a 540 hp Rousch.  It was time to step it up again.

In order to take full advantage of the TVS 2300 supercharger, I had to update the whole bottom end.  The stock rods, pistons & crank aren't designed to handle much more than about 400 hp.  The easiest way to go was to get a complete Roush forged short block.  This setup is now identical to the P-51's and the 540RH's.  Included in the install was an aluminum flywheel & the P-51 clutch & pressure plate.  The heavy duty clutch is less forgiving than the stock clutch and doesn't like to be slipped.  You have to develop a feel so you can let it out quickly.  Fortunately, the low end torque is plentiful enough that it handles it nicely.  And the clutch doesn't slip under power.

The addition of the bigger SC affected several things.  A Roush Anti-Wheelhop upper control arm was now a necessity and an aluminum 1 piece driveshaft seemed like a good idea, too.  The Shelby wheels & tires look nice & improved handling.  I also added Autometer gauges to measure boost/vacuum, AF ratio and oil pressure. 


Latest Addition
Erie winters & a supercharged engine are not compatible.  I can't change the weather but I can park the car.  The problem is that this car has a propensity to discharge the battery if you forget to shut off the radio.  I decided to take the battery completely out of the equation in the winter when the car is in storage.
Custom Audio installed a battery disconnect switch that allows me to isolate the battery with a flick of the wrist.  They mounted the switch under the hood, rewired, re-routed & re-loomed the cables so it looks like a factory installation.  Maybe better.  If you check the 3 open-hood photos directly above, you can see the "before" pics.  Below are 3 pictures showing how nicely they mounted the switch on the passenger side shock tower.


I almost forgot to show how I combined my passions of cars & cuemaking.  This is the shift knob I made from a cueball.  The big, fat, heavy ball feels great in the hand and is the perfect compliment to this car.

Some additional pics of the interior


Views inside the driver's side & passenger's side.  The gray carpeting has been protecting the factory Mustang floor mats since the car was new.  They are simply bathroom throw rugs that collect the dirt & prevent any moisture from getting through.  I made a custom Delrin ring that allows me to attach the factory shift boot to the Barton shifter.  It looks like a stock setup but sure feels different!  The gages are tied to the parking lights & will light up in green whenever the lights are turned on.