Joint Protector Jig

Due to increased requests for numbered JP's, I made a compact, easily indicated fixture to make life easier.

This simple black Delrin block is permanently mounted to my CNC table.  It's out of the way, unobtrusive yet readily accessible at any time.  The threads were live tooled for a snug fit so the JP's will locate consistently and the raised boss makes it easy to indicate the fixture.  If I need to work on a female JP, I just install a pin & work from that.

Shown is a blackwood JP that will be getting a numbered ivory insert on the top.

First, I have to cut the pocket for the ivory insert.

Next, the insert is epoxied in place, faced off in my lathe & I'm now ready to cut.
If I have more than one JP to number, I face them all to the same length, holding them with my sanding arbor in the lathe.  This makes it simple to face them all at the same setting which makes the numbering easier.

This cutter is small enough to do delicate lettering yet strong enough to take a little abuse.  I have used .005" cutters with good results but I really need a better spindle to use that size regularly.  This size works best for me.

This is the result after the first coat of clear.