Quick Look at a Joint Protector

I wanted to make a JP that matched a 6 point hi-lo cue but had never done it before.  How difficult could it be?

This is the buttsleeve design I wanted to match.  LOTS of veneers here.  Below are a few pictures taken during some of the key steps of the build.

Here is the maple blank with the first set of points installed.  Machining everything was straightforward but clamping everything took some thought.  The blank had to be longer than normal in order to be able to hold it securely.  The linen collar is for an indexing fixture that will enable me to line it up easily for the 2nd set of points.  As for the ridiculously long point & veneer sections...I used what I had laying around.  It's easy to saw off the excess later.

After turning the first set of points flush, I installed the 2nd set.  Again, clamping is tricky.  Saw off the excess, turn it round and on to the next step.

Now it's starting to look like something.  The points are now installed and the JP blank is ready for final machining. 

Ready for paint.  If the wind & snow ever lets up, I'll paint it & update this page.

Got it painted but took forever to get pics, then decided a video was even better.