Another Custom Thread Mill

 Finding a good cutter to live tool internal threads can be a chore.  I have never been able to find a tool that would work "as-is".  Every one has needed additional work to make it usable.  Such is the nature of cuemaking.

I have a limited number of micro-grain carbide thread mills available that are extra long and have relief ground far enough back to be used not only for shaft threading - they are long enough for 3/8-10 FB joint pin installation.
All grinding is perfectly concentric & tools will run as accurately as your collets will allow.

Please ensure that your spindle runs true.
A long-overhang cutter in a sloppy spindle is a recipe for disaster.
Excessive vibration can occur & it will be difficult to maintain accuracy when cutting.

Click to see the dimensions.

Click to see a finished thread mill


These are no longer available from me.  The sketch is available in case you want to make or modify your own.