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For Sale:
Hardinge-Sjogren Speed Chuck with D1-4 mount.

Includes (21) Hardinge 2J collets from 1/8" to 1 3/8" in 1/16" increments.
All but 3 of the collets are NOS (new old stock) and in pristine condition.
The other 3, while used, are in excellent condition.

This was originally a D1-3 mount but I adapted a D1-4 mount from an old faceplate. The slight surface rust is minimal & will clean off easily.  I wanted to show it "as-is" for your inspection.

I designed the adapter to be similar to a "set-true" mount.  It has (4) set screws that will allow slight adjustments to dial in the chuck for minimum runout on your lathe.  Chuck is in excellent condition & works perfectly.

Reason for selling: I just don't use it.  I kept the collets in a drawer & was too lazy to shuffle back & forth when I needed a different size.  My 3 jaw is dialed in to my lathe & runs true enough for most stuff.  When I need something dead on, I use my Pratt-Burnerd 6" 4-jaw.

Asking $900 plus shipping in the USA.

Email me HERE if you have more questions or would like to make an offer.