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Tip Dressing Tool - Razor Blade Rest

Here are a few pictures showing my original jig & how it is used.

And HERE is a video showing it in actual use.
I get ready to dress the tip about 3:50 into the video.

And these are the more affordable versions that I offer:

The jig is made from .480" thick poly (please make sure it will fit your tool holder) and is stiff enough to do the job. The radius is .3525 (same as a dime) and the slot is .600" wide. For the price of a premium tip, you can't go wrong. 
The price is $25 shipped in the USA.  Sorry - no international sales.


Even though most people simply eyeball the radius, many have asked for a razor blade rest that has a dime radius on one end & a nickel radius on the other end.  This is it.  Again, it's .480" thick so check your holder. The picture shows tiny notches to identify which side is which.  Beginning in 2013, these notches will no longer be there.
The price is $35 shipped in the USA.

Click HERE if you have questions.

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