Custom Cue Prices
First, a rambling description of some of the technical details of a DZ custom cue.  These details have varied only slightly over the years and are now considered my standard. 

Standard length is 58" with a joint diameter of .840" and a butt diameter of 1.270".  The distance from the joint face to the wrap is usually 12.25" and the wrap is usually the same length.  The standard buttcap material is Delrin or linen based phenolic.

The joint screw I prefer is a modified 3/8-10 pin that uses a minor diameter of .308" - sometimes referred to as a 3/8-10 FB (flat bottom) pin.  This pin has several advantages over the standard 3/8-10 pin.  First, the minor diameter fits closely to the shaft.  This may help with alignment but its main function is to tighten up the fit as compared to a 60° standard thread.  Second, since the threads are slightly shallower, they machine much cleaner - again, promoting a close, accurate fit between the pin and the shaftwood.  This translates to a very intimate connection between shaft & butt, giving you a better feel for what happens when your tip contacts the cueball. 

To further enhance this fit, I use live tooling to machine my internal shaft threads - in fact, most threads - rather than using a tap, which has a tendency to tear wood.  Live tooling cuts exceptionally clean threads that more concentric than tapped threads and are full depth for maximum strength.

My shafts are typically 13 mm and use Tomahawk,  Elforyn or Juma ferrules.  These materials can be capped or not and they can be any length you want. 
I have several other options available (see the Repairs page). 

My std shaft taper grows 1/4 mm in the first 10" then grows smoothly from there.   I have other tapers available, too.  One is a longer pro taper that is available in 13 mm.  There is also a stiffer taper that grows 1/2 mm in the first 10" and a jump/break shaft that is stiffer still.

Joint collars are threaded on, as are ferrules.  I use the same live tooling technology on these external threads, too.  Some people use compression dies which merely raise a little bump that cannot compare to the strength & integrity of a live tooled thread.

Any number of points can be installed in the forearm and/or the buttsleeve.  Deep V-groove inlays with or without veneers are very popular.  Some order butterfly points, floating points, inlays, boxes, etc. or any combination of the above.

My standard joint trim is a simple 1/4" thick black linen collar on the shaft and behind the joint collar.  This allows you to order a spare shaft with minimum downtime, should you decide you want one at a later date.  This also makes adding an aftermarket shaft painless & less obvious.  Of course, I can make virtually any type of custom trim ring if that is your preference.  Of course, adding a spare shaft - or customizing an aftermarket shaft to match - will take more time.

Textured black calfskin leather is the standard wrap but Irish Linen is available, also.  My personal preference is NO wrap - just a figured piece of wood.  This can cost a bit more but I like being able to grip the cue very lightly and still have enough friction that I don't worry about launching a 58" missile across the table.

I require 30% of the total price as a deposit to begin building your cue.  If, for some reason, you change your mind about finishing your cue, I reserve the right to retain a portion of your deposit to cover my investment to that point.  The amount retained can range between 50% and 100%, depending on the amount of personalization incorporated in your cue.  It will take about 12 months to complete your cue & I'm proud to say most cues are done early.

Below is a table that will give you a place to start when figuring the cost of a DZ cue.    Keep in mind that this is only a starting point.  I factor in many variables such as rarity of woods, exceptional figure, total number of inlays, etc.  Some things raise the price & some lower it. 

One example: everybody wants AAA Grade Whatever wood in their cue.  The knowledgeable shopper is aware that I can buy a blank of that wood for $20 so he expects me to charge accordingly.  What he doesn't consider is that when I buy 24 pieces of the AAA Grade Whatever @ $20 each, I actually only receive maybe 3 pcs that qualify as true AAA Grade.  The rest of the wood is nice...just not quite AAA.  As such, I will charge much more for one of the true AAA pieces.


A word about Sneaky Petes (SP): these are made from full spliced (FS) blanks from various manufacturers.  The base FS cue is usually curapay or purpleheart into straight grain maple.  These are choice blanks from a reputable maker.  The points are shorter & the returns are large & squared off but the construction is solid.  The mid level FS blank is made by Kelly Peterson of MVP Cues.  His points are much longer & the returns are small & tight.  His construction is as good as it gets!  Of course, these blanks are a bit more expensive but they are distinctive.  The top level is a veneered FS blank from MVP.  In my opinion, these are the best blanks available today.  There are only a handful of people making these and, while their quality is generally quite good, I believe Kelly's work stands a level above everyone else's.  His miters are flawless & the returns are usually under .020" wide.  You can see a sample of a rough MVP blank HERE.
 Full Spliced (FS) Sneaky w/Delrin buttcap $370+
 MVP FS with lower priced woods $420+
MVP veneered FS $720+
Basic Plain Jane w/leather wrap $575+
Basic 4 Point with 4 veneers & leather wrap $1000+
Additional points $75+ each
Additional veneers/paper $10+ per veneer, per point
Bridged veneers in points $200
Butterfly points $75+ each
Ebony used in points/buttsleeve $60
Birdseye or Curly Maple forearm or handle (AAA) $75+ plus coring
Burls $75+ plus coring
Coring (needed with high figured wood or for weight considerations) $90 per section cored
Figured hardwood handle $75+ plus coring
Mitered windows in buttsleeve $100+ each
Leather wrap $120+
Simple trim rings $15 each
Custom trim rings $30+ each
Silver dot inlays $8 each
REAL Inlays (depending on material & complexity) $20+ each
Hoppe style buttcap (ivory substitute) $40
Cueball ferrule $50
Cueball joint collar $60
SS joint collar $50
Different Overall Length $50
Spare shaft (standard) $175+
Shipping (continental USA), insurance is extra $25 minimum