Protective Pads for your Ferrules

I'm offering clear acrylic pads for use between your tip & ferrule.  These pads will protect the ferrule from splitting due to a mushrooming tip.  Usually, people want a black or red pad but clear pads have come into vogue recently.
The clear pads are 1/32" thick and 14 mm diameter.  They have protective paper on each face.
Below is a picture showing how they look when installed under a Triangle tip.

Cost for these pads is $12 for 20 pads shipped in the ConUSA.

Recently, I was approached about a pink pad that would make a statement about Breast Cancer Awareness.
Ask and ye shall receive:

These pads are .100" thick by 14 mm diameter.  If that's too thick, you can glue one to your ferrule, then cut it to your desired thickness.  Cost is $22 for 10 pads shipped in the ConUSA.

You can order these by clicking HERE.