G-Shaft Information

I offer a shaft that has a carbon fiber tube in the front of the shaft.  The original plan was to explore its Low Deflection (LD) characteristics.  Unfortunately, the results vary.  I suspect that each individual shaft blank has its own deflection characteristics & the addition of the tube does little to change it.  The weight of the tube is almost exactly the same weight as the wood it replaces.  This means that the "end mass" is not appreciably reduced.
As such, I make no claims that this shaft is an LD shaft.

However, it does stiffen the shaft quite a bit.  More on this later...

Some custom cues are highly renowned for having a stiff hit.  Many are labeled as 13 mm shafts and, indeed, the ferrule itself might measure 13 mm.  However, they often have a taper that grows as much as 1 to 2 mm in the first 10".  Most people accept this while adjusting to their new cue but, over time, some find this shaft growth too extreme.  They have the shaft thinned but find that reducing the diameter also reduced the stiffness.  Now what?

Enter the G-shaft: you can have a shaft with a comfortable taper while maintaining your stiffness.
Sounds dirty, doesn't it :-)   But it's all good.

I offer two tapers - my standard taper in which the shaft grows about 1/4 mm in the first 10" and a stiffer taper that grows no more than 1/2 mm over the first 10".

There are some limitations.  I don't like making the G-shaft any smaller than 12.75 mm.  Some people like to bend their shafts like Mike Sigel & this is a test for ANY shaft.  I also consider it abuse. 

I like to keep the ferrule at 3/4" long.  I've had no failures there so why mess with success?
Pay no attention to this picture.  I have experimented a bit.

I've made these shafts in 30" lengths but you sacrifice stiffness with the longer shaft.  Fair warning.

Some have expressed concern that the tube MUST be perfectly concentric with the shaft for best results.  The video shown HERE should relieve any concerns.  I've been making these since 1998 and have solved the obvious pitfalls.

Each shaft is custom built so the time to build one can be as long as 8 weeks.

Price is $200 plus shipping.