Cuemaking Instructional Videos
Instructional Videos
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture must be worth...uh...a lot more words.  To help prevent my not-so-nimble fingers from developing keyboard callouses, I will try to regularly post videos that will clarify some of the operations involved in building your cue.  I realize that not everyone does things the same way I do so please...just enjoy the videos for what they are: one man's way to get the job done. 

If there is an operation you would like to see detailed in a video, feel free to email me with your request.  I will certainly consider it.

The steadily growing list of videos was becoming cumbersome.  Sometimes I'd forget to provide a link to a new video and sometimes I'd take a video down and forget to remove the link.  Instead, below is a single link that will take you to my YouTube channel where all publicly available videos can be seen.
If you subscribe to the channel, you will receive an email notice of any updates and additions.