Ferrule Weight

Here's an updated list of the most commonly used ferrule materials.  The numbers vary slightly from my original list because the maple is now considerably drier & I seem to have had a math error or two.
If you want something added to the list, please find a SOLID sample & tell me the diameter, length and weight in grams as accurately as you can.  I will add your material to the list.

Material Rank
Maple 1.0000
Tomahawk 1.7517
Ivorine 3 1.8601
Mason's Micarta 1.8605
PVC 1.8906
Elforyn 1.9245
Atlas MPI 1.9270
Aegis2 1.9533
LBM 2.0305
Juma 2.0587
Ivorine 4 2.6786