Tiger Cue X-tension Kit 

 This is a last minute adaptation of a customer's cue to allow the use of the Tiger Cue X-tension Kit.



I had to plug the recess created for the original bumper.  I bored the plug to .560" diameter & threaded it 5/8-18.  I went with a smaller lead hole because the threads on the Tiger insert are undersized (.600" vs. .625") and I wanted to maximize the thread holding ability.  I had to shorten the cue by about .090" to remove some of the corner radius so the extension would seat solidly.  Next, I cut a shallow undercut to locate the leather washer.  From there, it's a matter of screwing the insert into the butt & tightening it.  Install the bumper & it's ready to go!

As you can see, in this instance, there is a bit of the maple plug showing on the outside of the insert.  I simply colored it with a black marker to make it less visible.  On a planned installation, I would simply leave the black phenolic solid, eliminating the need for a plug.